About the Paintings

About Nora-Harringtons paintings

There are some things which attract us not because they serve any obvious purpose, but because we receive some intangible fulfillment from them. Beauty and Art are such things. My paintings are tributes not only to the beauty of natural places but also to the love of beauty.

All of my paintings are started on location, or "en plein air." There is a pure energy and an intensity that comes from painting outdoors. When I paint outdoors I am filled with a reverence which enables me to look at things more deeply and for a longer time than I would ever have the patience to if I were working from a photograph. The result is like one side of a conversation; the topics that I linger over longer, or the things that impress me most, become more predominate in my vision of the scene.

At a certain point a painting begins to create a two-dimensional world of its own. At this point I begin to respond to the painting on the easel as well as to the landscape beyond it. In the final stages of the painting I work in the studio, responding no longer to the landscape but to the painting itself. This transition, from admiring something beautiful to striving to create something beautiful, is also important to my process.

I regard the artistic process itself as another of nature's mysteries. The fact that certain colors, compositions, and patterns of brushstroke are pleasing to us must surely be rooted in some unknown natural equation. Like the divine mathematics that underlies all natural things, these are equations which I do not hope to understand but only to acknowledge.

- Nora Harrington