View toward Clover Hill

WHAT BETTER WAY could there be to enjoy the scenery of Rappahannock County than by spending several hours truly observing it? Plein air painting enables you to truly live in the moment - to enter the landscape, and to interact with and respond to the environment around you.

Photo of Nora Harrington at work

YOU WILL BE SUPPLIED with everything you need to create an oil painting onsite. I will guide you through the process of oil painting outdoors step by step discussing and demonstrating such issues as pallette organization, composition choices, how much and what to edit, when to let the subject speak and when to let the paint speak, brushstroke variation and direction, and how to represent subjects faithfully when that is the aim.


Landscape Painting with Nora Harrington

lessons in plein air techniques and materials
all skill levels welcomed, all supplies included

AT ALL STAGES the lesson will be custom tailored to suit your specific interests and skills set. Whether you have painted for years but have never ventured outdoors, or have spent days outdoors but have yet to pick up a paint brush, we will work together towards the goals you have in mind. 

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